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MCT 2019 Matching Summer Challenge

MCT 2019 Matching Summer Challenge

Do you remember catching your first fish?

Finding an arrowhead in a local stream?
Your first hike or canoe trip?

MCT is dedicated to the permanent conservation of the natural resources and scenic beauty of the North Georgia Mountains and Foothills. We want to ensure that your children - and all future generations - will have the freedom to create those same kinds of memories.

Through the generosity of an anonymous supporter, we are excited to announce the MCT 2019 Matching Summer Challenge. We need your help to reach our goals of $60,000 and 50 new members. Your donations will be generously matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000 - immediately doubling those contributions. Where else can you get that kind of return?

If you are an existing member, please consider renewing your membership, increasing your support during this exciting Summer Challenge and most of all recruit your friends and colleagues to become members.

Join our campaign to save our North Georgia Mountains and Foothills. Doing so protects our:

  • Water supply
  • Habitat for native wildlife,
    Hunting and fishing resources
  • Land available for public recreational use
  • Iconic landscapes that define the nature and character of the region, and Economy by promoting tourism in our rural communities.

Accept the Challenge!


Individual Membership Levels

Partner $25.00
Caretaker $100.00
Conservator $250.00
Steward $500.00
Supporter $1,000.00


Corporate Membership Levels

Mountain Benefactor $5,000.00
Mountain Patron $2,500.00
Mountain Sponsor $1,000.00
Foothills Supporter $500.00
Foothills Partner $250.00

Share and help spread the word.